Prayer Beads - Secret Strategy To Understand It

Prayer Beads

Several strings of beads on a string are called prayer beads.What is the secret strategy behind the use of prayer beads for meditation?



Have you ever noticed that pious persons of all major religions - Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, carry out various kind and colors of chains of Prayer beads in his hand or wearing it form of necklace.


What is this string of Prayer beads? 

Mala beads for prayer

This Mala beads for prayer is a sacred tool to be used for deep meditation / prayer in consciousness or counting prayer sessions.

Some chains of beads on a necklace are called Mala beads for prayer . Mala beads for prayer vary in size from less than one millimeter to more than one centimeter in diameter. Mala beads for prayer is a small ball with a hole in the middle so that the Prayer is a spherical shape and small size.


What are Mala beads for prayer ?

Rudraksha prayer beads

Several strings of  beads on a string are called prayer beads. In general, it is 108 beads of prayer . There are several types of materials used in the preparation of Mala beads for prayer or meditation. Mala beads for prayer or meditation are of scented sandal wood , Rudraksha, Ambers, many more fossilized tree resin, etc.

These strings are called sandalwood prayer beads, Rudraksha prayer beads, amber prayer  beads, Mala prayer beads etc. Now prayers or meditation beads (Mala) is usually made from cheap stone, shell, glass or plastic, etc. Rudraksha prayer beads are made from a plant drugs and widely used for pious acts.

Why 108 beads of Mala beads of Hindus and Buddhists?

Buddhist prayer beads
Most of prayer beads of Buddhist or Hindu have 108 beads. This allows them to remember the count of spiritual verses in prayer and meditation. Again the construction of 108 the number of prayer beads and more or less than 108 are related to faith that has developed primarily as the identity of the faith.

Some prayer beads (Mala) are used as carriers and one to wear. These are called beads bracelets, prayer beads, etc. to dig Hindu and Buddhist consider the number 108 is among the most sacred. Bhagavad-Gita has 18 chapters to Hindu. Rig-Veda are counted as 10,800 monks and many Hindus consider 1008 as the Most Sacred


What is the faith of beads for meditation or prayer?

Christianity Prayer Beads
Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism used beads for prayer  and meditation. Look for different types of prayer beads (Mala) or meditation beads depends on faith. Beadss are known as popular Buddhist beads, prayer beads or beads Islamic , Muslim prayer beads, catholic prayer beads, turquoise beads, prayer Bahai beads, Hindu prayer beads etc.

What is the secret strategy behind the use of prayer beads for meditation?Rings of Beads for prayer and meditation are used to appeal to the conscience and attract attention to the beads and pious thoughts and to avoid thoughts of various anxiety. Beads for prayer are used to report to or spoken of faith in prayer or meditation repeated. It may be useful when several prayers or mantra in one sitting. This prayer string can be useful. Secret strategy behind the use of prayer  beads is to invoke the devotion and concentration by the practitioner during prayer or meditation.

Count the number of beads during prayer or meditation to make it easier to exercise longer sessions. Use strings of beads for meditation or prayer to invoke the conscience, is the secret strategy of many people of different faiths. Using beads in meditation as a ritual rarely gives an advantage


Source - Prayer Beads - Secret Strategy To Understand It - GS Virk


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