Story of Markandeya a Lord Shiva Devotee



Through Tapas and meditation you

can achieve anything in the three  worlds.





Markandeya was a great devotee of Lord Siva. His father Mrikandu performed rigorous austerities to get a son.

Lord Siva appeared before him and said: “O Rishi, do you want a good son who will die in his sixteenth year or a bad and foolish son who will live for a long time?” 

Mrikandu replied: “O my venerable Lord, let me have a good son”.

439px-Raja_Ravi_Varma,_MarkandeyaThe boy came to know about his fate and began to worship Lord Siva  whole heartedly with intense faith and devotion. 

The boy entered into deep meditation and Samadhi on theday decreed as the day of his death.

The messengers of Lord Yama  were not able to approach him.  Hence, Yama himself went to take away his life.

The boy prayed to Lord Siva for protection and embraced the Linga.

Then Yama threw his noose round the Linga and the boy. Lord Siva came out ofthe Linga immediately and killed Yama to protect the boy. Lord Siva was called Mrityunjaya and Kala-kala from that day.

Then the Devas approached Lord Siva and said: “O adorable Lord, salutations unto Thee.Pardon Yama for his mistake. O ocean of mercy, bring him back to  life”. 

Then Lord Siva brought Yama back to life at the request of the gods.  He also conferred a boon to the boy Markandeya that he should live for ever as a boy of sixteen years of age. 

He is a Chiranjivi. In South India, even now men and women bless a boy when  he does prostration to them: “Live as a Chiranjivi like Markandeya”.

Through Tapas and meditation you can achieve anything in the three worlds.

Source - Lord Siva and His Worship - Sri Swami Sivananda


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