Chanting Meditation For Inner Awakening

Chanting Meditation For Inner Awakening


Chanting is one of the most ancient and powerful means of inner awakening.



Chanting Meditation For Inner Awakening


‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ , ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ , ‘Om Shanti Om’ , ‘Hari Om Tatsat’  – These are all sacred mantras that we must have heard sometime or the other in our lives. The first one is a Tibetan mantra and the remaining three are Sanskrit mantras. These are just a few examples of mantras. There a thousands of mantras that are used by Seekers to progress on the path of their Spiritual journey.

Mantras are primarily used for the purpose of Chanting. Chanting (Jap) is the incessant repetition of a syllable or a specific set of words known as mantra in Sanskrit. Each word is built on a unique tone and it has its own sound vibration. When a word is spoken, sung or whispered, it affects the listener and also the person who utters the mantra.

In Chanting, the repetition of the words is not the objective, although most of the religious people think it is. The purpose of chanting is to move from words to silence, from words to wordlessness and not to become a living tape or a parrot. Its easy to get astray and just conclude that chanting mantra is just another mechanical activity, if the right technique is not known.

Sound is a form of energy. This has also been proven scientifically that sound is just another form of energy. Try this small experiment – Place your index and middle finger on your neck. Say “ah” as loud as possible. Then repeat the same word softly. Now, what is felt inside the throat through your fingers is the vibration of the vocal chords. As the vocal chords vibrate, the sound is created.

In Chanting Meditation, a word or a set of words is used. First they are chanted aloud and then gently as the chanter moves deeper and deeper into silence. Finally the mantra is allowed to resonate on its own. This progress from words into silence results in calmness and peace which is beyond time and space.

Immense Tranquility is experienced. The mind gets submerged into this silence and one enters No-Mind state. Thoughts cease and loose their grip over the mind. The mind becomes like a clean slate and become free of all negative conditionings. Satisfaction and benediction that’s beyond the realms of words arise from within and the seeker is bathing in the nectar of the divine bliss.

Chanting is also used for invocation of deities in Tantra, and also in the path of Devotion. Chanting of Mantras has got varied objectives. For the Vedanta student, chanting is done to progress from mind to No-Mind. A mantra can be compared with laser technology, which can be used for aerospace, medical surgeries, medical operations, entertainment, computer technology, military uses, drama and arts or for making laser beam games for children. Its uses are limitless.

Chanting of mantras also has a huge impact on the various chakras or the subtle energy centers of the body. They awaken depending on which mantra is used. Some mantras with certain syllables have more impact on the heart center, while others have profound impact on the navel center and others help in the awakening of the mind center or the center of super intelligence.

The Contemporary Enlightened Mystic Master – Anandmurti Gurumaa has given various methods of chanting which are available in pre-recorded tapes and CDs. They offer immense help and much needed guidance to the students and seekers into the nuances of chanting. Thus the domain that was once reserved only for highly advance seekers and mysterious esoteric sects, has now been made open for anyone who wishes to dive into the deeper realms of his own being.

Chanting is one of the most ancient and powerful means of inner awakening. It has been highly praised by all the sacred scriptures too. All religions of the world like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and others have used the hidden power of sound and Mantras for achieving unparalled spiritual growth. It is an easy means and the Masterkey to unlock the doors to paradise.

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Source - Chant Your Way To Paradise : Chanting Meditation - Vijay Kumar Raisinghani

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